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University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

(*) Denotes mention on Incomplete List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students.

(**) Denotes ranking of top 5% on the Incomplete List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students.


**Spanish 332: Spanish & Entrepreneurship—Languages, Cultures & Communities. A course about social entrepreneurship and creating linguistically and culturally appropriate nonprofit programming. Includes community service learning.

**Spanish 232: Spanish in the Community. Introduction to issues about immigration, immigration policies and working in linguistically and culturally appropriate ways within professional settings. Includes community service learning.

**Spanish 202: Business Spanish. A combination of basic business concepts in Spanish, intercultural communicative competence in professional settings and training in bilingual social media marketing. Includes community service learning.

*Spanish 225: Introduction to Hispanic Literatures I (Middle Ages-Baroque).

*Spanish 227: Introduction to Hispanic Literatures II (Enlightenment-Today).

*Spanish 250: Spanish Literature I (Middle Ages-Baroque). Course Title: El trabajo y los sistemas de poder.

**Spanish 232: Advanced Oral Spanish

**Spanish 228: Spanish Composition

Spanish 475: Developing and Implementing Communicative Language Teaching.

Spanish 204. Spanish Grammar Review. Taught one of the two initial Web-based sections.

*Spanish 301: Cultures of Spain.

**Spanish language courses at all levels.


Millikin University (1997-1998)

Spanish 322: Introduction to Spanish Literature II (1800-present).

Interdisciplinary Studies 421: Introduction to Hispanic Literature (taught in English using translated texts).

Spanish 321: Introduction to Spanish Literature I (Middle Ages-1800).

Spanish 402: Introduction to Spanish Linguistics.



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