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Ann R. Abbott



Department of Spanish, Italian & Portuguese  Ÿ  4080 FLB, MC-176  Ÿ  707 S. Mathews Ave.  Ÿ  Urbana, IL 61801

Office:  (217) 333-6714  Ÿ  Main Office:  (217) 333-3390  Ÿ  Fax:  (217) 244-8430






1998           Ph.D.          Spanish             University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign                                         

1994           M.A.           Spanish             University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign                                         

1990           B.A.            Psychology        University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign                                         

                                    Year-abroad on UIUC program in Barcelona, Spain


Dissertation: “Transitional Discourses: The (Psycho)Somatic Fiction of Juan José Millás.”  Prof. Elena Delgado, Chair; Ron Sousa; Joyce Tolliver.



University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

        2007-09            Acting Director of Basic Language Instruction in Spanish

        2004-               Assistant Professor & Director of Intermediate Spanish Language Program                

        2001-04            Visiting Assistant Professor (Spanish)                                                                       

        2000-01            Instructor                                                                                                              


Millikin University, Decatur, IL

        1999-2000         Instructor      




Coordination of Spanish & Illinois, a set of curricular and co-curricular opportunities for students to learn Spanish in real-world settings.  Offerings center on community-based learning, entrepreneurship, Spanish in the professions.  www.spanishandillinois.uiuc.edu


Director of Spanish & Illinois Summer Internships, paid summer internships in Illinois non-profits such as Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (Chicago), ACCION (Chicago), Central States SER (Chicago), Gads Hill Center (Chicago), College of Dupage Small Business Development Center, La Voz Latina (Rockford), East Central Illinois Refugee Mutual Assistance Center (Urbana), and more.  Co-sponsored by UI Extension and funded by Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership.


Coordination of Advanced Spanish Language Courses (Spanish Reading, Spanish Composition, Oral Spanish and Advanced Oral Spanish).

·   Incorporated service learning into course designs.

·   Redesigned composition course to include in-class on-line research and composing.

·   Managed technology transitions for multi-section courses.


Co-authored on-line web-based grammar exercises for technology enhanced redesign of Practical Review of Spanish Grammar course.



Supervisor of Spanish 101 and 102 (Spanish for true beginners). 



Near-native Spanish and Italian; Reading knowledge of Catalan



“Matching Student Presentations to the Nature of Service Learning Work.” Quick Hits for Service-Learning:  Successful Strategies from Award Winning Educators. Indiana UP. Co-authored with Darcy Lear. Forthcoming. 


“Aligning Expectations for Mutually Beneficial Relationships: The Case of Spanish Language Proficiency, Cultural Knowledge and Professional Skills,” Hispania 92.2 (2009): 301-312.  Co-authored with Darcy Lear. 


 “Foreign Language Professional Standards and Community Service Learning: Achieving the 5 C’s,” in Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning 14.2 (2008): 76-86.  Co-authored with Darcy Lear.


“A Business Language Faculty Development Program with Experiential Learning,” in Global Business Languages 11 (2006): 3-21.  Co-authored with Maida Watson.


“Representaciones de la sinrazón: el teatro vanguardista de Enrique Jardiel Poncela,” in Romance Languages Annual 7 (1995): 365-69.



Review of A New History of Spansih Writing 1939 to the 1990s, by Chris Perriam, Michael Thompson, Susan Frenk, and Vanessa Knights. Journal of Spanish Cultural STudies 5.1 (2004): 113-15.



    Comunidades: más allá del aula, Prentice Hall, 2009.  First complete curriculum for Spanish community based learning course. 


    Co-author, Manual de Actividades, Sol y viento.  McGraw Hill, 2005.




·         “Foreign Language Community Service Learning: Aligning Research and Practice.”  Illinois Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Conference.



·         “Site Visits, Standards & Scaffolding:  Creating and Teaching Cases for Business Language Learners of All Levels.”  Co-presenter, Maida Watson (Florida International University).  CIBER Conference on Language and International Business, Florida State University.

·         “Undergraduate Research in Business Languages:  Strategic Plans for Campus and Student Success.”  CIBER Conference on Language and International Business, Florida State University.

·         “Managing Your Organization through Mission.” Keynote Speaker, Student Service and Leadership Conference, UIUC.

·         “Entrepreneurial Education and Faculty:  Enchancing Student Engagement in Any Discipline.” 2008 Annual Faculty Retreat, UIUC.

·         “Cross-Campus Entrepreneurship: Two Kauffman Campus Case Studies.”  Panelist.  Entrepreneurship and Global Impact Conference (Worldwide Universities Network).  October 2007.  Chicago.

·         “Undergraduates Engaged in Inquiry in an International Setting.” Copresenter.  Faculty Learning Community sponsored by CTE.  October 2007.  UIUC.




·         “Cross-Cultural Social Entrepreneurship: Lessons from the Classroom and Community.”  Sino-American Seminar on Contemporary China and Social Entrepreneurship.  May 30, 2007.  Nanjing, China.

·         “Developing Business Spanish Courses for Heritage Speakers: Materials & Internships.” Copresenter, Maida Watson (FIU).  CIBER Conference on Language and International Business, OSU.

·         “Connections, the Decisive “C” in a Spanish and Entrepreneurship Course.” Copresenter, Darcy Lear (UNC). CIBER Conference on Language and International Business, OSU.



·         “Learning Abroad and Global Awareness Programs: Putting the Pieces Together.” 2007 Annual Faculty Retreat on Active Learning UIUC.

·         “Social Entrepreneurship 101.”  Keynote Speaker, Student Service and Leadership Conference.  UIUC. 

·         Invited workshop leader. “Service Learning: What It Means in the Academic Community.”  Thomson Arts & Sciences National Workshop. 

·         “Community-based learning in Champaign-Urbana Spanish-speaking communities: A look from both sides.”  Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studes UIUC.






·         “Experiential Learning and Business Spanish: From Theory to Practice.” 

·         CIBER Conference on Language and International Business, Georgia Tech.  Co-presented with Prof. Maida Watson.

·         "What does entrepreneurship have to do with foreign languages?: How we answered that question."  Lunchbox Lecture Series.  Sponsored by the Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership.  Co-presented with Prof. Darcy Lear.

·         “Can we have class outside? Making Learning Relevant Outside the Classroom Context.”  UIUC Annual Faculty Retreat on Active Learning. 

·         “Entrepreneurship: Merging community-based learning and Spanish in the professions.”  ACTFL 2005, Baltimore.  Co-presented with Prof. Darcy Lear.






·         “Beyond Oral Presentations: Using Digital Diaries to Bridge Community and Classroom Experiences”.  Language Symposium 2005—University of Chicago and Northwestern University.  (University of Chicago)

·         Professional Development Workshop Series (SIP), Co-Creator.

·         Cognitive Research and Lesson Planning.

·         Academic Portfolios (I & II)

·         Using the Case Method in the Humanities




“Transitional Discourses: the Psychosomatic Fictions of Juan José Millás.” Modern Languages Association. (Chicago, Illinois)




·         “Representaciones de la sinrazón:  el teatro vanguardista de Enrique Jardiel Poncela.”  The Purdue Conference on Romance Languages, Literatures and Films.  (West Lafayette, Indiana).

·         “The Carnivalesque in Camilo José Cela’s La colmena:  The Tragic, the Ludic and the Grotesque.”  Cincinnati Conference on Romance Languages and Literatures.  (Cincinnati, Ohio).




University Distinguised Teacher/Scholar.  UIUC.

The University Distinguished Teacher/Scholar is a life-time award that “honors and supports outstanding faculty members who take an active role in enhancing teaching and learning on this campus…have received significant recognition of teaching effectiveness…and have a distinguished record of schoarlship, research, or creative activity.  My project is a year-long series of community-university summits designed to inform our teaching based on an exchange of community and university perspectives on topics such as community service learning, entrepreneurship, leadership, undergraduate research and communication skills. 



Social Entrepreneurship Award.  Sponsored by The Vice Chancellor for Research of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the Champaign County Economic Development Council. 

The Social Entrepreneurship award recognizes individuals who have served as change agents in our community by incorporating innovative approaches, improving systems and processes and creating sustainable solutions to reshape society and benefit humanity. These resourceful individuals go beyond the economic framework of entrepreneurship and include social value as a product of entrepreneurial endeavor. They have successfully implemented entrepreneurial principles to address social concerns.




The Harriet and Charles Luckman Undergraduate Distinguished Teaching Award.  Nominated by department.  Supported with letters from former students.  Awarded by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. UIUC.




·         Community Informatics Initiative.  Sed funding fro "Reaching More Latinos: An External Grant Proposal to Use Social Media and Spanish Service Learning to Exapand Services to Local and Rural Non-Profits." $6,000.




·         UIUC Research Board.  “Social Entrepreneurship and Microfinance: Can Global Programs Find a Local Fit?”  With Prof. Gale Summerfield.  $2,691.

·         Second year funding. UI Extension and Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership, College of Business UIUC.  Partnership and funding to create summer student internships as a capstone experience to SPAN 202.  $25,600.

·         Entrepreneurship & Latino Communities Working Group.  Founder of a cross-campus working group. Funded by Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership, U of I Extension, and Vice Chancellor for Public Engagement.  $17,643.

·         CIBER Conference Travel.  $880.




·         U of I Extension and Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership, College of Business UIUC.  Partnership and funding to create summer student internships as a capstone experience to SPAN 202.  $25,600.

·         CIBER Faculty Research Award. "Detailing Entrepreneurship, Experiential Learning and Spanish” studies discrete job-related tasks that students must perform in Spanish during an international internship in Barcelona, Spain.  $4,402.

·         CIBER Foreign Language Course Development Award. "Tying it all together: Development of an online module for the new business Spanish course, ‘Spanish and entrepreneurship: languages, culture and communities.’” To create WebCT quizzes in Spanish that cover the entrepreneurial theories that students read about in English for the course.  $3,000.

·         CIBER Faculty Development in International Business Award.  $550.




·         CBL (Community-Based Learning) Sustainability Funding to create training materials and course pack for SPAN 232.  $4560.22.

·         PITA (Provost’s Initiative on Teaching Advancement) funding for “Long-Term Sustained Training for Foreign Language Professionals” to establish and implement on-line and live training sessions for sustained TA development across the Spanish curriculum.  Co-written with Darcy Lear.  $12,893.55.

·         Faculty Fellow, Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership, College of Business UIUC.  Funding to redesign Spanish for Business course, refocusing curriculum toward entrepreneurship and incorporating CBL.  $10,000.




·         CIBER, Faculty Development in International Business in Spain. June 2005. $1,900.

·         APDF (Academic Professional Development Fund) funding for travel to Spain for Faculty Development in International Business in Spain. “Teaching Spanish for Business: A Global Approach.” Madrid–Ávila. June 2005.  $250

·         Invited Participant in LASTA/ATLAS Course Innovation Teaching Circle.  Directed by Sharon Scott (Liberal Arts and Sciences Teaching Academy) and Jim Witte (Applied Technologies for Learning in the Arts and Sciences).

·         CBL Grant.  Office of the Vice Chancellor for Public Engagement, UIUC.  Used to redesign “Intensive Spoken Spanish,” incorporating community-based learning and technology.  Students spend half their contact hours per week working at the East Central Illinois Refugee Mutual Assistance Center in Urbana, IL.  Students reflect orally upon their service learning in digital diaries using web cameras.  $15,000. 




Departmental Fellowship awarded by the Graduate Studies Committee.  Relieved of one year teaching for dissertation completion.




Child of Veteran’s Scholarship for Clay County, IL. Four years full tuition awarded to the one student with the highest ACT score from each county in Illinois who attends the UIUC.




(*) Denotes mention on Incomplete List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students.

(**) Denotes ranking of top 5% on the Incomplete List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students.



Spanish 332: Spanish & Entrepreneurship—Languages, Cultures & Communities (CBL course).

*Spanish 232: Spanish in the Community (CBL course).

*Spanish 225: Introduction to Hispanic Literatures I (Middle Ages-Baroque).

*Spanish 227: Introduction to Hispanic Literatures II (Enlightenment-Today).

*Spanish 250: Spanish Literature I (Middle Ages-Baroque).  Course Title:  El trabajo y los sistemas de poder.

**Spanish 232:  Advanced Oral Spanish

**Spanish 228: Spanish Composition

Spanish 475: Developing and Implementing Communicative Language Teaching. 

Spanish 204.  Spanish Grammar Review. Taught one of the two initial Web-based sections. 

*Spanish 301: Cultures of Spain.

**Spanish language courses at all levels.

Millikin University

Spanish 322: Introduction to Spanish Literature II (1800-present). 

Interdisciplinary Studies 421: Introduction to Hispanic Literature (taught in English using translated texts).

Spanish 321: Introduction to Spanish Literature I (Middle Ages-1800).

Spanish 402: Introduction to Spanish Linguistics.




Kelley Sheehan.  Understanding Language Preferences: The Key to Success in teh Bilingual Work World.  Case study of use of Spanish and/or English among the employees at the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. 


Elizabeth Girten and Allison VanNatta.  Reflecting on Reflection: An Analysis of Spanish Community Service-Learning Student's Written Reflections. A review of the leading models of reflection in academic service learning and an anlaysis of SPAN 232 students' written reflections.



Jennifer Mull and Mellissa Dilber.  Spanish Textbook Curricula and International Internships: Determining Student Needs for Language Proficiency, Cultural Knowledge and Professional Skills.  Qualitative research on the language, culture and professional skills students need to successfully perform tasks in international internships (law, community service) compared to the language, culture and professional skills presented in commercially available Spanish textbooks.



Katrina Bone.  Volunteer Management and Community-based Learning.  Review of literature on volunteer management and case study of the management of Spanish & Illinois service learning students at the East Central Illinois Refugee Mutual Assistance Center. 


Lena Lee.  Non-profit Student Internships and Entrepreneurial Concepts. Research project based on Spanish & Illinois Summer Internship program; concentrating specifically on the creation of effective tools for interns and internship host sites (Illinois non-profits) in order to maximize intern engagement and effectiveness.




Stephanie Forsthoefel, Jenna Leving, and Matthew Ossman.  Can You Have Too Many Volunteers? Social Entrepreneurship and the East Central Illinois Refugee Mutual Assistance Center.  A team of three students developing separate sections of a social entrepreneurship case.




Narissa Nonzee.  Spain is Too Different: Representations of Immigration and National Identity in Spanish Media (2004-2005).  Co-directed with Prof. John Wilcox.




Meghan Richards.  How to Teach Poetry in Spanish: Issues in Reading and Second Language Acquisition. 




Stacy Mathieu.  El poder verdadero:  el trabajo en Amado Amo de Rosa Montero y Tonto, muerto, bastardo e invisible de Juan José Millás.



LAS Online Committee.  Committee formed by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to steer the College's efforts to offer more on-line courses.




V. Dale Cozad Business Plan Competition.  Judge, Social Division.




·   IPS scholarship review committee.

·   Campus Awards for Excellence in Public Engagement (CAEPE) committee.




Study Abroad Officer.  Coordinate departmental guidelines with study abroad Spanish courses from all programs.

  • Conducted site visits at Insituto San Joaquín de Flores in Costa Rica.
  • Helped introduce community-based learning curriculum into the oral Spanish course.




Barcelona Year Abroad Program, Advisor and Campus Liaison Officer.




Faculty Committees:  Study Abroad, Undergraduate Curriculum, Undergraduate Awards.




Elected Representative of Non-Tenure Track SIP Faculty.




Spanish Honors Advisor. Inform undergraduate students of honors possibilities; place interested students with Professors to write honors thesis; manage the James Scholar Learning Agreements.




Co-Director of Sigma Delta Pi, the Spanish Honor Society.




Assistant Director of Spanish Honors.  Inform undergraduate students of honors possibilities; place interested students with Professors to write honors thesis; manage the James Scholar Learning Agreements.




Peer Advisor.  Appointed by Director of Graduate Studies.  Advised new graduate students of Hispanic literature on course work and professional activities.



2002-2007, 1995

Interviewer, Barcelona Study Abroad Program.




East Central Illinois Refugee Mutual Assistance Center, www.ecirmac.org.  Secured a grant from State Farm Good Neighbor Service-Learning Award and Youth Service America.  In a national competition, only 100 grants were funded.  2008.






October 2005

Lessons from the MBA Classroom: Business Concepts for Foreign Language Professionals.  Fisher College of Business, OSU. 



September 2005

The Allerton House Retreat on University-wide Entrepreneurship Programs at Research Universities in the Midwest.  (Participant) 



September 2005

The Experiential Classroom VI, Dept. of Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises, Syracuse University. Registration and travel funded by the Kauffman Foundation.



Summer 2005

6th Annual Language Faculty Development Program.  Seminar on Teaching Spanish for Business: A Global Approach, FIU CIBER. Madrid and Ávila, Spain. 



May 2005

Entrepreneurship 101. U of I.  Participant.  Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership.




February 2005

KACE Plus: Case Research, Writing and Teaching. Babcock Graduate School of Management, Wake Forest University. Registration and travel funded by the Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership.




American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages

American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese




Latino Partnership of Greater Champaign County, Illinois



Blog: http://spanishandillinois.blogspot.com

Twitter: @AnnAbbott

Facebook: Ann Abbott

Linkedin: Annie Abbott


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