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  • "Challenges and Opportunities in Teaching Spanish as a Professional Language." Panelist, Second Language Research Forum.
  •  "Service Learning Research: Achievements, Opportunities and Challenges." ACTFL. Panelist and chair.
  • "Leadership Tips for Bilingual Workplaces: Lessons from Latino/a Leaders." ACTFL. Co-presenter.


  • "University Community Engagement with a Purpose: World Languages and the Professions." Invited Speaker, University of Memphis. 
  • "Service Learning and LAS." UIUC LAS Teaching Academy Workshop.

  •  “Tools for Teaching 'Foreign' Languages in a Time of Nativism.” Let's Talk 2017: Relationships, Research, and Results. Notre Dame. Keynote speaker.

  •  “Bridging Classrooms and Careers: Chicago Professionals' Insights into Languages, Cultures and Success.” External, Full-day Workshop. AATSP. Co-presenter with Holly Nibert.

  •  "Engaged Humanities and the Future of Spanish Programs." Plenary panel: "Happy Birthday, Hispania (1917-2017)!" AATSP.



  • "Experiential Activities for the Community Service Learning Classroom." Duke University. 

  • "Less Specific Purposes for LSP: What Students Need in College." Keynote speaker at Third International Symposium on Languages for Specific Purposes.  Phoenix, AZ.

  • "Alternative Models in Foreign Language Pedagogy beyond the Hybrid/Blended Classroom." Invited panelist to ADFL-sponsored roundtable session. MLA, Austin, TX. 

  • ACTFL. San Diego, CA.

    • "Innovating Language Programs for a Changed World." Panelist with Gillian Lord Ward, Alberto Moro, Amy Rossomondo.

    •  "Teaching 21st Century Career Skills in Basic Language Courses." Co-presenter with Holly Nibert. 

  • "Post-Millennials and the Language Advantage." Invited to speak to a class of ELL students at Urbana High School.



  • "Comity and Compliance, or Incivility and Inquiry: The Strange Situation of Steven Salaita." International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry. Co-presenter with Patrick Dilley (SIU-C).
  • "Foreign Language Learners' Perspectives of Spanish Community Service Learning."  International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry. Co-presenter with Rejane Diaz (UIUC).
  • "Situating Learning within Language Communities: The Potential of Spanish Community Service Learning." University of Miami. 

  • St. Olaf University. 

  • "Can-Do Statements for Spanish Community Service Learning." The Ohio State University. 

  • "LSP in Basic Language Curricula: the Perspective of Two Textbook Authors." Preparing Students for the Global Workplace: An Online Professional Development Series. Sponsored by U Florida. Co-presenter with Holly Nibert (OSU). 
  • "The Potential of Community Service Learning."  University of Nevada, Reno.

  • "Infusing Immigration Dynamics in our Global Classrooms." ACTFL, San Antonio. Co-presenter with Katie Fowler Córdova (U of Miami).
  • “’Don’t Just Teach! Engage Students in Communities’: Engaging Students in Civic Action through Service-Learning in Culturally Diverse Communities.” University of South Florida. Invited Keynote Speaker.
  • “'Students, Turn on Your Cell Phones and Open Facebook’: Using New Media and Technology to Enhance Service-Learning.” An Engaged Conversation with Ann Abbott. University of South Florida during their campus-wide Service-Learning Day. Invited Speaker. 

  • "Student Career Concerns and Aspirations: Integrating Languages for Specific Purposes into Basic Language Programs." Pearson Chicago Symposium. Co-presenter with Holly Nibert (OSU).
  • "Social Entrepreneurs: Lessons that Engage and Inspire Language Students." Florida Foreign Language Association (FFLA), Miami. Keynote Speaker.
  • "Teaching Social Media Marketing in the Language Classroom."  Florida Foreign Language Association (FFLA), Miami. 

  • "Social Entrepreneurship and Service Learning: Business Concepts within Latino Contexts." Fall 2014 Discovery Series at Danville prison through the Education Justice Project (EJP)
  • "Transforming Language Students into Standout Candidates in Competitive Job Markets." AATSP. Panama. Co-presenter with Darcy Lear (U of Chicago).







  • “The Ethics of Engagement and Business Languages.” CIBER Business Languages Conference. Chapel-Hill, NC. 
  • “Building Community in the Classroom with Social Media.” 2012 Latin American Teachers Workshop. CLACS, UIUC. 
  • “How to Prepare Service-Learning Lesson Plans: Synthesizing Best Practices.” ACTFL, Boston. 
  • “Transcultural Competence in Spanish Community Service Learning.” Bryant College. Providence, RI. Invited Speaker.
  • “Partnering with the Community via Service Learning.” Responding to Immigrants: Bridging Research and Practice to Meet the Needs of Immigrants in New Growth Communities. UIUC. Invited workshop.





  • “Entrepreneurship Education and Social Media Marketing. Entrepreneurship Education Retreat. University of Illinois-Chicago.
  • “Assessing Community Service Learning. San Diego Mesa Language Conference, San Diego. Invited Speaker.
  • “Social Media and Professional Development. CITES Brownbag, UIUC.
  • “Social Media for Business: Online Lessons for Analysis and Action. CIBER Business Languages Conference, University of Pennsylvania.
  • “Assessing Community Service Learning: A Practical Approach.” Co-presenter, Darcy Lear (UNC). ACTFL, San Diego.
  • A New Model for Spanish Service Learning.” Community Informatics Initiative Research Series. UIUC



  • “Foreign Language Community Service Learning: Aligning Research and Practice.” Illinois Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Conference.



  • “Site Visits, Standards & Scaffolding: Creating and Teaching Cases for Business Language Learners of All Levels.” Co-presenter, Maida Watson (Florida International University).CIBER Conference on Language and International Business, Florida State University.
  • “Undergraduate Research in Business Languages: Strategic Plans for Campus and Student Success.” CIBER Conference on Language and International Business, Florida State University.
  • “Managing Your Organization through Mission.” Keynote Speaker, Student Service and Leadership Conference, UIUC.
  • “Entrepreneurial Education and Faculty: Enchancing Student Engagement in Any Discipline.” 2008 Annual Faculty Retreat, UIUC.
  • “Cross-Campus Entrepreneurship: Two Kauffman Campus Case Studies.” Panelist.Entrepreneurship and Global Impact Conference (Worldwide Universities Network).October 2007. Chicago.
  • “Undergraduates Engaged in Inquiry in an International Setting.” Copresenter. Faculty Learning Community sponsored by CTE. October 2007. UIUC.



  •  “Cross-Cultural Social Entrepreneurship: Lessons from the Classroom and Community.”Sino-American Seminar on Contemporary China and Social Entrepreneurship. May 30, 2007. Nanjing, China.
  • “Developing Business Spanish Courses for Heritage Speakers: Materials & Internships.” Copresenter, Maida Watson (FIU). CIBER Conference on Language and International Business, OSU.
  • “Connections, the Decisive “C” in a Spanish and Entrepreneurship Course.” Copresenter, Darcy Lear (UNC). CIBER Conference on Language and International Business, OSU. 
  • “Learning Abroad and Global Awareness Programs: Putting the Pieces Together.”Annual Faculty Retreat on Active Learning UIUC.
  • “Social Entrepreneurship 101.” Keynote Speaker, Student Service and Leadership Conference.UIUC.
  • Invited workshop leader. “Service Learning: What It Means in the Academic Community.” Thomson Arts & Sciences National Workshop.
  • “Community-based learning in Champaign-Urbana Spanish-speaking communities: A look from both sides.” Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studes UIUC.



  • “Experiential Learning and Business Spanish: From Theory to Practice.”
  • CIBER Conference on Language and International Business, Georgia Tech. Co-presented with Prof. Maida Watson.
  • "What does entrepreneurship have to do with foreign languages?: How we answered that question." Lunchbox Lecture Series. Sponsored by the Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership. Co-presented with Prof. Darcy Lear.
  • “Can we have class outside? Making Learning Relevant Outside the Classroom Context.”UIUC Annual Faculty Retreat on Active Learning. 
  • “Entrepreneurship: Merging community-based learning and Spanish in the professions.”ACTFL 2005, Baltimore. Co-presented with Prof. Darcy Lear.



  • “Beyond Oral Presentations: Using Digital Diaries to Bridge Community and Classroom Experiences”. Language Symposium 2005—University of Chicago and Northwestern University. (University of Chicago)
  • Professional Development Workshop Series (SIP), Co-Creator.
    • Cognitive Research and Lesson Planning. 
    •  Academic Portfolios (I & II)
    •  Using the Case Method in the Humanities


  • “Transitional Discourses: the Psychosomatic Fictions of Juan José Millás.” Modern Languages Association. (Chicago, Illinois)



  • “Representaciones de la sinrazón: el teatro vanguardista de Enrique Jardiel Poncela.” The Purdue Conference on Romance Languages, Literatures and Films. (West Lafayette, Indiana).
  • “The Carnivalesque in Camilo José Cela’s La colmena: The Tragic, the Ludic and the Grotesque.” Cincinnati Conference on Romance Languages and Literatures. (Cincinnati, Ohio).



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