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Annie R. Abbott




University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

(*) Denotes mention on Incomplete List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students.

(**) Denotes ranking of top 5% on the Incomplete List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students.


  • **Spanish 332: Spanish & Entrepreneurship—Languages, Cultures & Communities (CBL course).
  • **Spanish 232: Spanish in the Community (CBL course).
  • **Spanish 202: Business Spanish.
  • *Spanish 225: Introduction to Hispanic Literatures I (Middle Ages-Baroque).
  • *Spanish 227: Introduction to Hispanic Literatures II (Enlightenment-Today).
  • *Spanish 250: Spanish Literature I (Middle Ages-Baroque). Course Title: El trabajo y los sistemas de poder.
  • **Spanish 232: Advanced Oral Spanish
  • **Spanish 228: Spanish Composition
  • Spanish 475: Developing and Implementing Communicative Language Teaching.
  • Spanish 204. Spanish Grammar Review. Taught one of the two initial Web-based sections.
  • *Spanish 301: Cultures of Spain.
  • **Spanish language courses at all levels.


Millikin University

  • Spanish 322: Introduction to Spanish Literature II (1800-present).
  • Interdisciplinary Studies 421: Introduction to Hispanic Literature (taught in English using translated texts).
  • Spanish 321: Introduction to Spanish Literature I (Middle Ages-1800).
  • Spanish 402: Introduction to Spanish Linguistics.




  • Kathleen Kolumban. Secondary Thesis Advisor.





  • Meghan Martin.  Social Entrepreneurship: The Role of External Factors in Determining Creation of Social Ventures. The Key to Success in the Bilingual Work World. Global Studies Distinction Project. Second reader. 


  • Kelley Sheehan. Understanding Language Preferences: The Key to Success in the Bilingual Work World.Case study of use of Spanish and/or English among the employees at the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.  
  • Elizabeth Girten and Allison VanNatta.  Reflecting on Reflection: An Analysis of Spanish Community Service-Learning Student's Written ReflectionsA review of the leading models of reflection in academic service learning and an anlaysis of SPAN 232 students' written reflections.


  • Jennifer Mull and Mellissa Dilber. Spanish Textbook Curricula and International Internships: Determining Student Needs for Language Proficiency, Cultural Knowledge and Professional Skills. Qualitative research on the language, culture and professional skills students need to successfully perform tasks in international internships (law, community service) compared to the language, culture and professional skills presented in commercially available Spanish textbooks.


  • Katrina Bone. Volunteer Management and Community-based Learning. Review of literature on volunteer management and case study of the management of Spanish & Illinois service learning students at the East Central Illinois Refugee Mutual Assistance Center.  
  • Lena Lee. Non-profit Student Internships and Entrepreneurial Concepts. Research project based on Spanish & Illinois Summer Internship program; concentrating specifically on the creation of effective tools for interns and internship host sites (Illinois non-profits) in order to maximize intern engagement and effectiveness.


  • Stephanie Forsthoefel, Jenna Leving, and Matthew Ossman. Can You Have Too Many Volunteers? Social Entrepreneurship and the East Central Illinois Refugee Mutual Assistance Center. A team of three students developing separate sections of a social entrepreneurship case.


  • Narissa Nonzee.Spain is Too Different: Representations of Immigration and National Identity in Spanish Media (2004-2005). Co-directed with Prof. John Wilcox.


  • Meghan Richards. How to Teach Poetry in Spanish: Issues in Reading and Second Language Acquisition.


  • Stacy Mathieu. El poder verdadero: el trabajo en Amado Amo de Rosa Montero y Tonto, muerto, bastardo e invisible de Juan José Millás.

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